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4 Tiny Historical Changes That Made Modern Life Possible
by C. Coville (June 2014)

Life in today's society can seem pretty terrible. Maybe you're stuck in traffic behind a multiple-car pileup that started when a baby duck crossed the road and people kept crashing their cars while trying to take funny videos of it with their smartphones. Maybe you're reading about the latest high school murder in which kids stabbed their friends to impress the mythical Internet creature "Grumpy Cat." Whatever the cause, things in our technology-ravaged future often seem to suck. On the rare occasion most of us do appreciate modern civilization, we focus on very general stuff, like "Well, I'm glad we have flushable toilets" or "Thank God all those medieval knights wiped out dragons."

Look a bit deeper, though, and you'll find a whole bunch of amazingly awesome things that society has passed on to us like hereditary glitter. Without these developments, the life of almost everyone reading this would definitely suck a whole lot more. For example ...

#4. You Have a Higher IQ Because of Chemicals Added to Salt
#3. You're Also Smart Because We Banned Lead
#2. We No Longer Carry Around Bloodsucking Worms That Make Us Poor
#1. We Don't Have to Worry Whether the Next Thing We Eat Will Poison Us

(continue: http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-tiny-historical-changes-that-made-modern-life-possible/)
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